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A Friend for Kiel

IMG_0648[1]Introducing Mr. Kiel Kowch! Kiel is a very happy boy that loves to play with dogs. Kiel has faced a lot challenges since he was born. His biggest challenge now is communicating. Kiel doesn’t talk. He knows what he wants, he just can’t tell us in a way that we understand. Not being able to talk makes it very hard for Kiel to make friends. Our dream is to have a special dog to help Kiel so his life can be a little easier. A friend and a shield to keep him safe. Kiel has a special connection to dogs. Dogs seem calm him and make him feel understood. To think he can have a friend that understands him on a level that we don’t is both moving and beautiful. But we need your help. Let’s learn a little about our boy.

Kiel was born at 30 weeks. Kiel was under weight since birth because he refluxed almost everything he ate. At 1 year old he was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome. We were shocked. We had never heard of this disorder before. After a lot of research we learned that it is a chromosome abnormality that causes Autistic like tendencies. The Fragile X was also causing Kiel to reflux his food.

20150530_125024Even though he was trying his best, Kiel still couldn’t gain weight. He was in and out of hospital and spent his first Okanagan summer in the hospital. They decided to put a feeding tube down his nose at 16 months to help him get nutrition. The tube fell out all the time, which meant trips back and forth to the hospital to have the tube put back down his nose. At 18 months he had a feeding tube put in his stomach at children’s hospital in Vancouver. Kiel fought through and gained the weight but it was obvious he was going to need some extra help. He was delayed with sitting up, crawling, talking and walking. We thought we were so lucky to have a baby that never cried and was so quiet.

IMG_4919At 4 years old Kiel was diagnoses with Autism. He has been working hard since his diagnosis to deal with the challenges he faces. Not being able to communicate is his biggest challenge. It is hard for Kiel to make friends because he doesn’t talk. It breaks our hearts when we drive by the schoolyard and see all the kids playing and Kiel is by himself. A dog could be a wonderful companion for Kiel.

Anything new, is always a challenge for Kiel. Going into stores is overwhelming. He has a hard time going into gyms, bouncy castles, amusement parks or fairs. Too much noise and he wants to go home. A dog could help calm Kiel so he can stay in the situation and not have to go home.

20151015_191850Kiel is also a flight risk. We have found the front door open with no Kiel in sight. It is amazing how fast he disappears. Just taking the groceries in the house and you turn around and he is gone. A dog could help Kiel stay safe and let us know when he runs away.

Kiel has conquered so much in him life so far. Let’s make Kiel’s life a little easier by supporting him to reach his goal of having an Autism Service Dog. Thank you for your support, it will be a happy day when Kiel’s friend comes home.


Our goal is $25,000