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ASDBC-logoAssistance Service Dogs BC is currently training Autism Service Dogs and Multipurpose Assistance Dogs.

Your donation will allow us to meet the urgent need to provide highly trained dogs for individuals who require a service dog.

Your donation will have a lasting impact on all whose lives are touched by ASDBC Service Dogs.



Monthly donations:
Help support ASD-BC by making monthly donations! Our trainers, volunteers and staff work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make these hopeful pups into heroes for our clients with autism. These donations will go to the various needs of training ASD-BC pups including food, grooming, veterinary costs, training supplies and equipment for the dogs!

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One-time donation:
Make a secure online credit card donation. All of the costs associated with owning a dog are paid for by donor contributions.

Molly’s Service Dog


Molly is an 18 year old young lady who loves music, dancing, family, animals and a good joke. She’s a busy girl who loves to plan a party.  Molly’s highlight this year was attending her graduation ceremony and prom with her peers. Molly has Down syndrome and is diagnosed with social anxiety.  She has come through so much in her life already.  At 4 months old, Molly had heart surgery and worked hard to thrive.  In 2015, Molly had rods implanted into her back and she persevered a long recovery and is back to her busy, healthy self.She longs for more independence but needs constant support.  Molly has always related well to animals and we believe a Service dog would be a great help in giving Molly the opportunity for this independence as she transitions into adulthood. (read more about Molly…)






Service Dog for Lily


Lily Grace is inquisitive and gregarious. She is also autistic, suffers from debilitating anxiety and has tremendous difficulty with sensory input (specifically auditory). Lily’s anxiety and dis-regulation has worsened over time. The child who used to go to parks, school, family outings and grocery shopping now rarely leaves her house. She speaks daily of her desire to go to the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre, swimming at the public pool, riding her (adapted) bike, or going to the movies.  (read more about Lily…) 





A Multi-purpose dog needed for my Zebra Trissanna


My story is about my beautiful Zebra Trissanna.


Trissanna and mom 2014Trissanna was born  in 2001 with a rare syndrome called EDS (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome). By the age of 2 she started showing signs of EDS. It wasn’t until the age of 9 she was finally diagnosed with 2 types, type 1 Classical and type 3 Hypermobility. As she gets older her EDS worsens. She will have good days and bad days. There are new symptoms showing up all the time. Trissanna is a strong willed person. She tries not to let her EDS get in the way.


I’m very proud of my daughter, how she pushes through every day. I wish I could be as strong as her sometimes. She is my hero. Its been a long and rocky road. Trissanna is being monitored by lots of doctors. We go to Children’s hospital a lot, thankfully she hasn’t been hospitalized. We see all kinds of specialists because EDS has so many symptoms (read more)