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About Us

Assistance Service Dogs BC is a small not-for-profit branch of Obedience Unleashed Dog Training Inc. located in beautiful Mission, BC and proudly serving Greater Vancouver.  Over the years, we have received various requests to assist in training dogs with special jobs. Recognizing the ongoing, great demand for highly trained assistance dogs, Assistance Service Dogs BC was born to provide a unique service for individuals who require the help of a highly trained dog in their daily life. We begin with a one-on-one consultation and move toward finding & training the perfect dog for you.

Our CEO/Head Trainer, Andy Krzus was privileged to perform consulting work for the BC Ministry of Justice in 2015. Andy assisted in writing the standards and certification test for the BC Guide and Service Dog Program. Therefore, our organization has a unique insight into the process and expectations of preparing a Service Dog for certification. We guarantee that our dogs will pass the certification test and will receive on-going training to pass future re-certifications.

We currently train between three to four dogs at a time. We have purchased dogs to start our own breeding program and hope to do our first breeding in the Spring of 2017, which will provide a larger pool of puppies to train and select from.

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Meet our team

Andy Krzus

CEO / Training Director. Andy is a dog-training educator known for his relationship-centered training approach and his personalized teaching style. His background in psychology and public service coupled with years of experience training police, search & rescue and assistance dogs gives him an innovative perspective on dog obedience, behaviour & motivation in theory and practice. Read more

Marie Therese Krzus

Office ManagerMarie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and she handles everything from telephone calls and bookkeeping to scheduling and kennel management, on top of being a full-time mom.  She particularly enjoys speaking with clients on the phone and assisting with any questions they may have in her cheerful and professional manner.

Maureen Mancinelli

Trainer –  Maureen is a professional dog trainer with over 9 years of experience in the field. Complimented by a successful background in competitive agility, her ongoing dog-training education under world renowned trainers such as Michael Ellis, has provided her with a unique set of teaching skills.

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