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Molly is an 18 year old young lady who loves music, dancing, family, animals and a good joke.

She’s a busy girl who loves to plan a party.  Molly’s highlight this year was attending her graduation ceremony and prom with her peers.

Molly has Down syndrome and is diagnosed with social anxiety.  She has come through so much in her life already.  At 4 months old, Molly had heart surgery and worked hard to thrive.  In 2015, Molly had rods implanted into her back and she persevered a long recovery and is back to her busy, healthy self.

She longs for more independence but needs constant support.  Molly has always related well to animals and we believe a Service dog would be a great help in giving Molly the opportunity for this independence as she transitions into adulthood.


We feel a Service Dog would greatly benefit Molly by:

  • Providing companionship.
  • Providing happiness and enjoyment.
  • Providing a feeling of security and comfort during the night.
  • Easing her social anxiety.
  • Easing sensory overload.
  • Reducing stress in public places (e.g. public transit, doctor’s offices).
  • Reducing flight risk (e.g. the school she attends still considers this a possibility when she is overwhelmed).
  • Facilitating interactions with her peers.
  • Facilitating interactions with her environment as she becomes an adult and seeks more independence (e.g. she talks to anyone and doesn’t understand the danger this could pose).
  • Strengthening her responsibility skills by caring for another being and having to think beyond herself.


Molly has overcome so much in her life so far. Let’s make Molly’s life a little easier by supporting her to reach this goal of having a Service Dog. Thank you for your support.