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Chase2Hi!! My name is Chase Frayn and I am very excited to be getting my very own dog.

God brought Chase to us when he was almost 3 years old, a true gift and blessing to our WHOLE family.

Chase came with a few issues that needed to be worked out. Chases birth mother “may” have been drinking, and was on some medications while pregnant with him. As a result he has many challenges. Chase has been diagnosed with FASD (Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder), Complex developmental behaviour disorder and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Chase has very high sensory needs, as well as a lot of anxiety and fears.

Chase is now happy that school is out for the summer. Chase is 8 years old and going into Grade 2 at Agassiz Christian School. Our dream is to have a special dog to help Chase so his life can be a little easier at home and at school. Chase has a special connection to a classroom rabbit that helps him through his day. George seems to calm him down to learn and stay in his classroom with his aid, as he tends to bolt for the door and has difficulty with transitions. He also has lots of anxiety when not at home, and especially when there are a lot of people around.

Chase1Chase is the youngest in the family with 2 older brothers and 1 older sister. Chase loves to play Hockey, soccer, and even basketball. Chase never sits down for long. He is always on the go. However, Chase has some fears; he doesn’t want to be out side with the bees and flies. Chase also has bad dreams of being left by mommy and daddy.

The classroom rabbit and even his Papa and Grams dog has helped him cope with his anxiety and calmed him down when he senses he is going into his red zone. This service dog will help him prosper, grow and develop into a wonderful person. His smile says it all.

We are very grateful any support that you can give. Chase is truly blessed to have you in his life.